Kelsey Googe and Emily Brace are CDC teachers at Hardy Elementary. CDC stands for Child Development Credential, in layman terms they specialize in teaching children with special needs. These teachers have been cooking with their 3rd - 5th grade students every Friday for almost 3 years, and using their own money to fund the supplies. What does the Friday cooking class look like? If they are studying colonial times, they're making butter. Studying the life cycle of a butterfly? Make a pretzel and celery model! Phases of the moon? Must be Oreo time! Students learn how to follow directions, measuring, social skills, problem solving and teamwork.

Our $1,000 grant will be used for weekly food, but it will also be used to purchase some additional kitchen items, such as an additional microwave, toaster oven, stand alone burner, bowls, permanent utensils, and measuring items. Teachers shouldn't be spending their own money buying these items. We got you, Ms. Googe and Ms. Brace.

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