The mission of Mad Priest Coffee is “craft excellent coffee, educate the curious, and champion the displaced.” Though they believe in producing the best product, they equally believe in creating a business that educates and empowers. Our $1,000 January grant helps with a coffee subscription program with an educational component designed to teach coffee drinkers about conflict zones and displaced peoples as well as tools to teach employees English.

Subscription Program: 3x5 cards will go out with each subscription plan (did you know you can have coffee delivered right to your door here in Chattanooga?) that have a featured country of the month. The cards will be educational material on both the conflict in that country, and the coffee being grown.

Job Training Program: Resources for the staff to utilize, such as language materials (mastering English through a platform like Rosetta Stone) and espresso/coffee training are needed to do this right. Bridge Refugee Services helps find the right people to come and work for Mad Priest Coffee. Mad Priest Coffee does the rest.