2019 brings two trustee sChOLARSHips. Latinx and african american applicants are needed. these trusteeships will be open for applications through april 20 and be announced april 24. what do we expect?

  • be present for all monthly trustee meetings may 2019 - april 2020. We meet the last tuesday of each month at 6pm. adult beverages are usually on hand.

  • learn what we do and help us improve our ability to connect to your represented community. be engaged. be vocal. teach us.

  • talk about us to those in your community and help more applications materialize by identifying potential applicants and give them advice as to how they can win a grant.

You could be the face of philanthropy and directly contribute to making Chattanooga more awesome. are you in?

Name *
Phone *
We really want you to tell us why you're the person to represent your community. Hopefully, you want to give back and help others, but lay out why we should pick you.
Please outline your perspective and connections you bring. i.e. Areas of expertise or experience as well as connections with local groups or organizations.
Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month (we move them sometimes during the holidays) from 6-7:30pm at different locations, usually downtown Chattanooga. We know life happens and there might be a situation or time in which you can’t make a meeting. If you are unable to make a meeting, your comments digitally (we share a Google doc the day of the meeting) and vote is required. Please recognize that inconsistent attendance could result in loss of scholarship at the discretion of the board.