Imagine having the knowledge to save someone's life. Take it a step further, imagine using that knowledge to actually save someone's life. Now think about the pride and self worth you feel from having this knowledge. Empowering, isn't it. Not only will completion of this class bolster self worth, it will make the interns better equipped to help each other while working on the property doing conservation work. This is what our $1,000 grant will bring to 11 Howard High School students currently enrolled in the Howard Intern and Leadership Program. What's that? Read here.

This wilderness first aid class would also be open to the public and has the potential to expand and generate income for the Lookout Mountain Conservancy (LMC). SOLO will teach the classes on the LMC property, and after 32 years with over 120,000 students trained, is considered to be the pioneer of wilderness medicine. In Chattanooga, the scenic city, the outdoor Mecca of the Southeast, the closest option for this training is the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina, 125 miles away. We are moving on up. Just like the Jeffersons.