Chattanooga is the entrepreneurship capital of the Southeast, right? Well what about the underprivileged youth? We definitely need more. Project Innovate will empower underserved youth with social entrepreneurship skills to create solutions to problems that their communities face. Students will develop their own ideas for a product or program addressing the issue they choose and will pitch it to a panel of community leaders. The top 3 projects will be awarded $400 dollars each for implementation. Add in refreshments, supplies and marketing and you have our $2,050 grant to fund this winter 2017 event.

Who is making this happen? Anjali Chandra (Seriously, click her name and read a paragraph about her). At 11 she created the non-profit GlobalEXCEL with a mission to equip underprivileged youth with the resources and skillsets they need for a healthy, financially secure future. Like whoa. In December 2013 she won an UNFoundation grant for a program called PowerIt Up, you can read all about how much Mayor Berke loved it here. When she accomplished this feat she was a junior in high school. Today she attends Harvard. Yes, the Harvard.