Anjali Chandra is a junior at Girls Preparatory School and had an idea. She wanted to teach girls graphic design/computer software skills in order to facilitate entrepreneurship and help them better make their initial step into the business world. PowerIt Up aims to target the scarcity of females in STEM fields and the disparity between school system education and applicability in the real world. The program integrates STEM skills into the girls’ education and also allows the girls to utilize their skills to earn a wage.

How she did it? Graphic Design Professionals and College students majoring in Design taught 9th, 10th and 11th graders at Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy basic skills on Adobe In Design (we funded this software to be clear). After instructional sessions, the girls were connected with local companies as independent contractors, and received a publication project which they will work on for the company. After they complete their design, they will submit it to the corporation and every time it is used, the girl will receive a stipend. Education and exposure creating a wow factor. Wow.