A rising Eagle Scout applied for help with his project. His plan, one pretty awesome for a 16 year old kid, was to custom build 100 Lego travel kits for foster kids in the Hamilton and Catoosa County areas.  After studying the details, he was unanimously voted an UNFoundation winner by a group of 100 budding philanthropists.  (That's us in case you were wondering, our 5th birthday party was huge.)

Lego kits can be expensive and kids in troubled situations, along with the adults who take care of them, may not be able to afford them. Our $1,000 grant will purchase lunch boxes and base plates to build on, all legos will be donated through a drive he plans to have at his school. Volunteers (Scouts, Leaders, Friends) will help with sizing the base plates, gluing them to lids and sorting Legos for each kit.  Catoosa and Hamilton County DFCS as well as Catoosa and Hamilton County Police Departments will help distribute the kits as needed. Way to come together, everyone. Go team!