Election season living in the South can be tough. We want to see progress for our neighborhoods, cities, counties and state. But sometimes it feels too slow and painful. We're doing two things to help make this November more exciting.

1. Proud Voter will use our $650 to help propel their efforts to get young Chattanoogans registered to vote. It's important. Did you know Tennessee is 40th in voter registration and 50th in voter turnout? The Proud Voter Campaign, is a non-partisan coalition of Tennesseeans, community groups and organizations supporting citizens through voter registration and voter participation initiatives. How exactly will we do it? Marketing. Buttons, flyers, tablecloths for the many events these volunteers already plan to attend before the upcoming election.

2. Know Your Vote will use our $2,350 to create and market an app, built by local tech powerhouse Skuid, to collate data and make possible the ability to compare candidates on key criteria to produce more informed CHA voters with the ease of their nearest tech device. Many voters in Hamilton County have a difficult time finding information on local candidates. We know we do. There is no centralized location with links to candidate websites and other sources, and traditional methods are reaching fewer younger voters.