Adrinka Forever! We are sponsoring a materials purchase for an arts integration after-school program at Orchard Knob Elementary School (OKES), with the Tech Town tutoring program, based on Evelyn Coleman's book To Be a Drum, about the journey and legacy of African Americans from the Transatlantic slave trade up to modern times.

Students will build djembe drums from household items and design garments all while learning about the symbolism of wax printed adrinka symbols. They will connect the history & sounds of African tribal music and how it has influenced the works of Kendrick Lamar, they will 3d print their own symbols for gifts to the ancestors, they will research prominent trailblazing black women, reflecting upon their accomplishments relative to their lives in writing their own narratives, & they will create their own theme music and a freedom quilt inspired banner.

A team of 5 artists with assistance from the staff of OKES will facilitate and are calling this performance Adrinka Forever, because classes are taking the rich history of not only African Americans but the symbolism and art of Ghana to forever positively influence underserved youth.