You would have to travel to Baltimore, Maryland or Houston, Texas to experience an art car as spectacular (take that, Nashville) as the one that now lives in Chattanooga. Master art teacher, Rebecca Bass, has gifted us her latest, student-led, collaborative art car entitled, "It's Only Rock and Roll". This moving tribute celebrates the history, music, and art of the 60's and 70's while featuring several different visual art mediums students can experience firsthand. We are now the art car capital of the region, thanks to Kate Warren of Art 120. "It's Only Rock and Roll" has already been featured on the the History Channel during Car Week and there is talk about doing a documentary on how the car was made. It’s pretty epic.

What did we fund if the car was free? Transporting it to Chattanooga from Houston. Fortunately just in time for the Mainx24 parade December 1st. After that, "It's Only Rock and Roll" serves as a teaching tool for art and career track education students in Hamilton County. It reaches some of the thirty-two elementary schools in Chattanooga that do not have an art program and animates local public events with her presence. Yes, its a she.