The Children's Advocacy Center of Hamilton County (CAC) has a mission to serve those affected by alleged child sexual abuse. [These people have truly noble jobs] The CAC provides intervention, therapeutic, and prevention services to victims of abuse. All services are offered at no charge to clients. Soon they will brighten those services with a trained facility dog from the nonprofit Canine Companions for Independence. #woof

Trained dogs can be utilized in counseling in two main ways. First, by simply being present within the therapy room, but not the main focus. In this method, the dog helps calm the child just by being there. The second way that dogs can be utilized in the counseling environment is to make the dog a part of the therapy itself. An apprehensive child could pet the dog while talking about highly emotional issues.

It may be hard to believe, but the CAC served almost 600 children last year. It takes a community working together to move the needle and create real change. This facility dog will do just that.