Stove Works, in collaboration with Daniel Fuller, Curator of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, introduces the exhibition, LAND AND SEA. Through sculpture, video, painting, and sound, LAND AND SEA explores how water, air, and soil, those specifically of Chattanooga and East Tennessee, are altered, inhabited, mythologized, reduced, abused, explored, and celebrated. LAND AND SEA will comprise five separate exhibitions. The series will take place within proximity to the Stove Works site, along Main Street. Each show will be complemented by programming carefully designed to draw out different aspects of each show, extending meaning and relationships not only into other realms of art but also out of the gallery and into the world.

From opening night, August 10th, through closing September 9th you can view all the events here. Everything from a foraging walk with Lauren Hays of Wooden Spoon Herbs to a film screening of Two Went In, 2018 by Erica Scoggins will peak your interest and fulfill your arts desires. Our $2,000 helps Stove Works forge the way into an exciting future for the arts in CHA.