Chattanooga Girls Rock (CGR) is a non-profit whose mission is to "empower girls in our community to build confidence and celebrate their individuality through collaborative music education and performance." After an inspiring Summer 2016 rock camp for girls ages 10-17, 2017 is growing by 66%! Our $3,000 grant will help CGR build an inventory of gear and instruments of their own before camp this summer. Why buy used gear when you can just borrow?

First, one of the biggest hurdles, logistical quagmires and strains on resources is the process of having instruments and gear loaned out to them for camp. It involves seeking out donors willing to pledge their instruments, gathering the instruments, labeling them and then returning them to their owners at the end of the week. This year nearly 20 drum kits alone are needed for camp, not to mention the guitars, amps, PAs, cables and accessories. Even a small collection of owned gear would relieve organizational stress and energies could be redirected into the quality of programming for camp.

The second reason, and the really exciting part, is the ability to open inventory and gear up to the Chattanooga community at large (outside of camp/CGR programming dates). Imagine a free instrument and gear loan program for all youth in the city aged 17 and under! After camp last year there was a desire from campers to continue playing the instruments they learned at camp. Unfortunately the cost of those items, and the necessary accessories, is often prohibitively expensive. Step in, The UNFoundation. Problem solved, opportunity taken advantage of. Nice job, CGR leaders.