24 year old and recent UTC education graduate, Kelsey Butler, is a vibrant, driven philanthropist. While volunteering with 7 children for 30 minutes a day to enhance their reading skills she noticed something, many children had no books at home to read. Kelsey is doing something to change that. She created HomeBoundBooks, a soon to be non-profit dedicated to providing access to "no strings attached" books via a bookshelf in their school, separate from the library.

Some of you might be thinking "but can't kids just go to the library and check out books?" Yes, they can. Unless you checked out a book and lost it. Fines to replace a lost book can be impossible for underserved youth. Our $2,329 grant will put three bookshelves full of books into three schools along with marketing materials to help teachers understand their role in the process. Watch this video Kelsey made about how it all works.