What’s more awesome than a thriving, diverse, educated arts community with free events all over the city that encourage cross-talk, creation, and innovative thinking?  We couldn’t think of many either, that’s why we decided to award $1,800 to Artist Residency Chattanooga this month. The arts are about more than making visually appealing artifacts; art is about seeing the world in new ways, creatively solving problems, and believing that anything is possible. ARC artists embody these ways of thinking and they are always looking for new avenues to provide the deepest and longest-lasting impact on our community.

UNFoundation grant dollars will be used to bring an ARC 2018 selected artist here: provide lodging, studio space, and a gallery for the month; advertising and marketing for lectures, workshops, open studios, and opening receptions; documentation by a local photographer of the work, events, and the resident's time here for a short documentary about the artist during the residency; and stipend to the artist for food and/or materials.