We all know what McKamey Animal Center does. They address animal control and care problems in the City of Chattanooga. Well, did you know McKamey also helps homeless pets? Now you do.

McKamey partners with Relevant Hope, a nonprofit that establishes relationships with homeless people and connects them with the services they need. Thanks to them we now have an avenue to reach homeless camps all over Chattanooga. A volunteer veterinarian, Dr Angelika Lingl donates her time and expertise to go visit pets in the camps on a monthly basis. While McKamey volunteers the time of one of their vet techs and Dr. Lingl volunteers her time as well, the cost of the vaccinations, medication, supplies, and spay/neuter surgery for homeless pets needed funding. For the next 12 months our $2,400 grant will fund these much needed resources.

This TFP article from May 2015 nicely highlights the work Dr Lingl, Relevant Hope and McKamey all accomplish when partnered together. They are the homeless pet protectors. They are super heroes in our collective mind. The UNFoundation is just honored to tag along with this trifecta in the form of our July grant.