The Foster Closet, brainchild of Chattanooga Area Foster and Adoptive Care Association founders Brett and Amanda Senentz, aims to make foster life a bit easier by putting critical resources at the fingertips of parents and social workers who find themselves in immediate need. Often, when children enter the foster system, they do so suddenly and seriously underprepared. In the rush of packing after a traumatic event, essentials can be left behind, making a fresh start that much more difficult for both parents and children. It's at this point that the Foster Closet is a unique resourcebeyond the basics of clothes and shoes, the closet includes toys and books that can create a sense of comfort and familiarity even in transition. 

This month's $2000 grant will help Foster Closet pay rent for the remainder of 2016, with money left over to reach out to area parents and partner organizations to ensure this resource is available to anyone who needs it. Now that's stretching a buck!