Raised in Chattanooga, for 18 years Chris Newby was a high ranking member of one of the most violent gangs in Chattanooga and America, the Vice Lords. Working with him is Reginald Peck, a former member of the Bloods. They have created a weekly mentor program through Fathers to the Fatherless for what Orchard Knob, Tyner, and Brainerd call their most high risk students. They have 20 students at each of the schools- half boys and half girls. Meeting for 1 hour during the school day every week for the whole school year they are running programs on conflict resolution, negotiation skills, self confidence, positive collaboration and communication.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? What do they need? Books. We will be purchasing 4 books for each student. These aren't just any books, these are relevant and highly sought after books (we know because one of our trustees is a librarian). On the docket to read is The Skin I'm In, Tears of a Tiger, Monster, and Bronx Masquerade. The goal? To create a love for reading that comes from books chosen just for them.

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