Thanks to our $1,800 grant, a documentary of this historic event will be made. Back in 1925 here in Chattanooga, an old time fiddle contest was born to determine the best local fiddler who would then challenge Henry Ford’s self proclaimed “Champion Fiddler” Mellie Dunham. The annual event grew to be the premier old time fiddling contest of the south. Considered the “Southern Championship”, this was a huge deal for the music, musicians, and for Chattanooga, drawing over 5,000 spectators to the new Memorial Auditorium in 1927 for the contest. The event continued strong up until war and fuel rationing put an end to it in the 1940’s. Matt Downer revived the convention in 2010 and the response has been outstanding. Held in historic Lindsay Street Hall, everything is 100% acoustic, no microphones, amps, PA, etc. and is as authentic and true to its roots and the traditional music as it can possibly be. This documentary will bring youngsters and old timers together with a camera and lots of fiddles.