How are you guys funded?

UNFoundation trustees contribute $100 each month to make up our total grant amount, which can reach up to $2,000 depending on the scale of the project.

What type of projects will you fund? 

Anything that will make Chattanooga better.  As long as we’re not funding a keg party or buying you a sweet new (insert product here) for personal enjoyment, we’re open to all ideas.  The goal of this project is to give up to $2,000 to a project that deserves it, each month.  Artists, artisans, justice seekers, neighborhood organizers, culinary cats, scientists, hot air ballooners, authors, athletes, anime’ers, and anyone else who wants to do something that needs a little extra cash, apply and you’ll get a fair shot at up to $2,000.

What type of projects will you NOT fund?

Although the UNFoundation is open to projects of all types, our trustees only fund projects that make Chattanooga a better place.  Submissions that won’t be funded include:

-Funding for personal use:  We won’t just hand over $2,000 for a rent payment, beach house rental, or a new trumpet, unless its a part of a larger project that makes Chattanooga a better place.

-Fees for established charities and organizations:  Your non-profit/charity/etc may still apply, but you’re only likely to get funded if you can think of a specific and creative project that our money will serve.

-Cryptic and vague applications:  It’s simple.  The more specific and clear you are about your goals, timeline, and use of money, the better.

-”For profit” endeavors lacking a charitable component: we tend to shy away from these but its not written in stone.

Who decides if I get the money?

Members of the advisory board.

How do I apply?

Click here and fill out our grant application. It’s short, sweet, and shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes.  You will receive notification that your application has been received, if not please let us know!

Who can apply?

We are open to all individuals and organizations.

Is this a loan?  Do you own my project?

No.  This is not an investment. This is a grant.  We own no stake in your project.


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